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 1 I can take measures to protect my identity and privacy when using the internet
 2 I can identify good and bad online behaviour, including cyberbullying and scams

🏁 Learning Objective E-Safety


Cyberbullying and cyberharassment

Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs online, often through instant messaging, text messages, emails, and social networks. Cyberbullies may be the same age as the victims, or they may be older. If the perpetrator is an adult, it is generally called cyber-stalking or cyberharassment.

Cyberbullying can be just as hurtful as other types of bullying, and in some ways it can actually be worse. Cyberbullying is not limited to the playground; it can occur anytime children are online, even if they're at home. Also, the bully can sometimes remain anonymous, which can make the bullying more difficult to stop.

Avoiding spam and phishing

From email to instant messaging to social media, the Internet is an essential communication tool. Unfortunately, it's also popular among scammers and cybercriminals. To protect yourself from email scams, malicious software, and identity theft, you'll need to understand how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous content in your inbox, including spam and phishing attempts.

Phishing scams are messages that try to trick you into providing sensitive information. These often appear to come from a bank or another trusted source, and they'll usually want you to re-enter a password, verify a birth date, or confirm a credit card number. Phishing messages may look real enough at first glance, but it’s surprisingly easy for scammers to create convincing details.

Task 3

Add another two slides to your powerpoint with the titles

Examples of Cyber bullying and What is phishing?

  1. Give different examples of cyber-bullying
  2. Explain what phishing is and how to avoid being scammed by it

Extension Task

Add another slide to your powerpoint

Explain the effects that Cyberbullying and phishing can have on your wellbeing.

Reporting concerns

Task 4

Add another slide to your powerpoint with the title

Ways to report concerns

  1. List the different ways you can report e-safety concerns

Extension Task

Add another slide to your powerpoint with the title

Why you should report any concerns

Explain why you should always report any concerns you have stright away

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